Friday, April 24, 2009

What did I do today

Today I woke up and nuzzled with my fiance
Made it to the pool in time for a quick swim
The water was hot at one end, cold in the middle and lukewarm at the other
I have no idea why
I wondered if someone peed at one spot and not another...

One of the girls getting dressed in the locker room next to me held an in depth conversation with herself
This puzzled me
She seemed like she just wanted attention
I wasn't in the mood to give it

Why are women so awkward about getting changed in front of one another?
It's nothing you haven't seen before

I made it to court on time for jury duty
We heard the attorneys' closing arguments
Man, those two were thorough
I could never be a lawyer
I'm not organized enough
I'm not methodical or maybe, even smart enough
But the law now fascinates me

I've always been obsessed with what's 'fair'
Why didn't I contemplate law school?
Oh, that's right. I just said that I didn't think I was qualified
Maybe I need to work on this self-doubt

(Image via DCist)


  1. why? dream a dream never unrealized,what you want maybe is just the feeling being present.

  2. You lost me at the nuzzle. kidding.