Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can we get a little Paris in here?

I saw these bistro tables and immediately thought of my friends, Sam and Roni. The two of them are the cutest pair of roommates in the city (yes, I'm biased; forgive me!). They both adore cooking, traveling and meeting new people. I had a vision of Sam in a black beret and sailor-striped top, sitting next to Roni, who would be donning this white dress with pockets, sipping either red wine or cafe au laits (depending on their mood or time of day) at one of these cool tables...in Paris, of course :)

(Via Abbey Goes Design Scouting)


  1. a black beret and striped shirt??? OH you know me so well! hahahahaha.

    you're a doll. this completely put a huge smile on my face.

    and yes...i dream of paris almost daily... *le sigh*

  2. You'd look fantastic in that outfit! Keep your eyes peeled while you're on the road this week :) You never know, you might find it!

  3. o la la.....i better sharpen up my french!

    Vous etes trés Mignonne