Monday, April 13, 2009

Bring back fresh

I got home from the Nationals opening game tonight feeling rather gross from the crap I had consumed. I really don't know how any self-respecting healthy eater can live by their mantra to eat well when it comes to stadium food. If you know a way, I'm all ears. I enjoy a good hot dog and a few beers, but every now and then I think, "Seriously? We couldn't do grilled fish?" If they can grill hotdogs, why not fish? Is that crazy of me to ask?

Then, of course, I took a walk down memory lane and remembered the best fish of my life. Shokder, Albania. 2006. I'm sitting at a lakeside restaurant in the hometown of my best friend, Erjona, following the advice of her father by ordering the local fish. I don't remember the name of the fish but what I do remember is watching a man jump in his boat, throw out a line, wait a few minutes and slowy draw up a few scaly ones.

An hour later (good things take time), the fish was in front of me, my mouth was watering and everything around me melted away. Nothing had ever tasted so fresh and so flavorful in all of my 24 years.

And here I am today, still talking about it, still wishing that fish was sitting in front of me right now.

Maybe that's my next job? I'll start a business grilling fresh fish at the Nationals stadium! Roni, are you in??


  1. what a fantastic story!

    i'm drooling now :)

  2. Shkoder got a shout out!! a fantastic!!! oh, we had some good times. And why did we always think it was a good idea to dive into the water after having the fish!?!?....i'd do it in a heartbeat...catch the fish, fry it and serve it with a smile:)