Friday, March 18, 2011

Rodarte gets it right

I normally don't like Rodarte collections. It's like a high-brow version of Anthropologie to me -- everything looks nice on the hanger but I find most of it completely unflattering on the body. Plus -- as you can see from the sorts of things I normally post and lust after -- I'm not a big fan of the "mix and match" look. I like it clean and simple.

But this Fall 2011 runway show tugged at my heart strings. Think prairie lands of the Dakotas and you'll see what I mean.


Yves Saint Laurent on the runway

Where would you wear this? Could you pull it off at work or at a big meeting? Depends on your industry and the setting I suppose.

I can't see it in D.C. but I'd love to see someone try.


Who says fashion isn't art?

This is the sort of thing that takes my breath away. I look at a dress like this and think of the people behind the scenes who toiled for hours to make this become a reality. And then I think of the woman or man who had the vision to conceptualize this masterpiece -- and I'm blown away.

Fashion is, and should be, a lot about fantasy, escape and new beginnings.

I see that in this dress.


A clutch for work

Classic and so, so, so clean.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The back is best

To find a dress with this sort of that would be exquisite.

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Photo taken by his wife, Linda McCartney, who knew the "art of cool" better than most.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Necklaces I dig

Over the weekend I spent a few days in Chicago visiting a dear friend, catching up and eating out. I had the chance to meet a few of her best pals, including Abigail Rutherford, an up-and-coming jewelry designer in the area.

As I told Abigail, I've never been a big jewelery girl, but as soon as I saw the necklace she was wearing that night -- and one that she designed and created herself -- I was smitten. Abigail's jewelry has that mix of gritty 90's grunge feel with bold, statement colors. I love the gun metal chains and rhinestone jewels.

If you, too, love what you see above, check out her website and send her a note. Before you know it, as deserved, she'll be known far and wide!

A cup of joe in Charleston

Nearly every Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I head south to Charleston, South Carolina to visit family and to relax on the beach. This year is no exception, though the one great twist this time around is that we'll be going with friends. I'm really excited.

As much as Charleston and I go way, way, way back -- nearly every summer of my childhood was spent on Seabrook Island -- I don't know the dining and late night scene well. This time around, we have the chance to get acquainted.

Thanks to random blog sleuthing, I stumbled upon the adorable Hope and Union Coffee Shop in downtown Charleston. Doesn't it look homey and relaxed? (Just what you expect and want on a trip south) We'll have to check this out.

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Sleeping porch

This photo reminded me of the indoor porch we had in my group house at college my sophomore year. Since it was enclosed and heated, one of my housemates was able to put a couch and a dresser in that space. We'd often hang out there with friends before going out for the night.

Unfortunately, most of us were slobs, so our lovely porch looked nothing like this :) but if I had that same sort of space again in a house, I love the idea of making it a "sleeping porch" and adding a splash of color among the baseboard.

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