Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If ever there was a sushi comeback

It would be awarded to Dupont's Sushi Taro. Were they handpicked for an extreme makeover "restaurant edition"? I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in two nights ago. The place is transformed! The menu is completely different - no more rolls, just nigiri, appetizers, sushi and sashimi. Far fewer menu choices but it's all for the better.

The fish was the freshest I've had in the city with respect to sushi restaurants. The soba noodles left me silent. The service was superb. And the decor - modern but accessible. I wanted to stay for hours, except I looked at the prices and thought better of it.

Yes, it's pricey, but it's worth it. Plan ahead. Save up. Go. You must.

We had tuna, eel, Japanese snapper and soba - plenty. Washed it down with a glass of Albarino and I walked out feeling refreshed and satisfied.

Of course, I couldn't help but get some Yogato afterwards, but who can blame me? :)

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  1. sweet. i've been waiting.
    ha - posted your review on my facebook :)