Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Eating in Philly

After college my sister lived in Philly -- a city she came to know and love -- and one that she has a tendency to wax nostalgic about whenever it comes up. I don't blame her. It's a charming city packed with history, cool rowhouses, great art and really good food.

A day trip from DC is totally doable, so for the next one I'm heading to this restaurant called The Dandelion Pub. Think: beetroot-cured salmon, rabbit pie, and mac & cheese with braised ham hock. Yummm.....

(via frolic!)

A new bike?

This probably isn't going to happen but I've been thinking lately that if I had a bike that was more of a commuter two-wheeler than a road bike I might ride to work.

Several years back when I worked at a start-up company and could wear jeans in the office, I commuted on my old-school Huffy. That thing was heavy, ugly and the bane of my existence but I loved zooming down 16th St NW past traffic.

But now that I dress like a professional :) and can't show up a little sweaty and grubby-looking, biking to work, especially in the DC heat, doesn't seem doable.

Not sure a commuter bike would solve any of this, but I like to toy with the idea.

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