Thursday, March 26, 2009

To be a book cover designer

How does one get into the field of designing book covers? If I had artistic talent of this sort I think it would be a fascinating job, notwithstanding great challenges (i.e. pain-in-the-ass authors who have a 'vision' for their book cover). 

If you have any thoughts on how one goes about doing such an awesome thing, I'd love to learn.

From The New York Times' Book Design Review blog, I really liked these two book covers. Intolerable Anarchy made me think of my sister's anarchist boyfriend. He'd probably dig it and regardless of your personal views on anarchy, I thought it was a humorous cover. Kind of a 'stick-it-to-you' concept.

But Being and this one reminds me of all the old Blue Note album covers I so dearly love. With the advent of iTunes, I wonder if album cover art will vanish? What a sad day that will be.

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  1. I was looking at the artwork for Being and Time in a bookstore just the other day, and had exactly the same impression. Those Blue Note record covers manipulated typography with such artistic creativity and pizazz: it was wonderful to see how words and letters interacted with the images, and were sometimes designed as the image itself. Great stuff.

    I must check out that coffee table book!