Monday, March 30, 2009

Fruit tarts are my fav

My friend, Heather, wrote me an email the other day wanting to know what kind of cake we're going to have at our wedding. Her interest in the sweets made me smile. I've never been asked such a specific question about the reception but honestly, it's the one question I would DEFINITELY want to know the answer to as well! I absolutely love dessert but I'm actually rather picky about what I like...'light' and 'fruity' is usually want I prefer.

I know this sounds super vague, but we're having a 'berry cake.' I don't really know anything more specific than that! I just told the Event Director at Restaurant Nora that I adore berries and she said, "No problem! We'll work with that and see what's in season at the time." Perfection. 

I saw these beautiful fig, berry and sheep's milk tarts on Pia's blog and about died. Gorgeous. Yummy. Mouth-wateringly delicious-looking. 

Time for some dessert..... 

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