Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bird - Brooklyn boutique, here I come

Uh oh. Trouble's brewing. Just came across Bird, a fashion boutique located in Park Slope in Brooklyn. It was voted Best Women's Boutique in New York City in New York Magazine in 2008 and yea, they have a great, if not pretty awesome, selection of clothing, accessories and jewelry that's *yay* available online as well. 

The lovely Lena Corwin from ~>O<~ posted a few of her new favorite finds from Bird and I have to shamefully copy her on my love of two of them (seen above). Enjoy your own personal sleuthing ;)


  1. love the print...reminds me of a modern Polynesian print! Lena Corwin is amazzzing, isn't she... ~Happy Spring*

  2. Totally. I wish the print came in a dress. I would live in it all summer!