Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pork wings at Wonderland

Sounds totally gross and over the top but they're so worth it. A group of us headed out for a long hike through Rock Creek Park today. 5 hours later we were one delirious group of unfed, dehydrated people. As soon as our friend Ethan started gushing about how good Wonderland's pork wings are (he said they were so good he took the bones home with him and put them under his pillow....), our ears perked up and droll started forming at the corners of our mouths (or maybe I'm just describing myself...).

As a lover of chicken wings, these came pretty damn close to surpassing anything I've had in recent memory (and I've had some damn good wings in Buffalo, NY) with its rich, fatty flavor. Follow up a basket of these with a cold Stella Artois and you won't need to eat for another day. And you won't want to!

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