Thursday, March 19, 2009

The "froth of days"

Sadly, I had no idea that my friend Jenna had the world's most perfect blog name until this week: L'ecume des Jours = "the froth of days". As she says in the header of her blog:

"I thought I would spend my time documenting the good things - the froth, if you will - that I discover."

Isn't that lovely? And, really, so true. If you enjoy blogging and posting about pretties and beautiful things...aspects of your life or others that brings you joy, than I couldn't think of a better name. 

I just adored this picture she posted the other day. I should remind myself of this saying at the end of something that makes me want to tear my hair out :)

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  1. ha....we all seemed to align our thoughts in the same line at one point or another ...I found this postcard at WF the other day and debated it for a second if it was too "cheesy" to get it...but actually, it was just the right thing to do. I didn't put a stamp on it, just placed propped up by my bed.