Thursday, February 5, 2009

Swimming around the world

When I lived in Odibo, Namibia for a year, I was only able to swim three times. Being that the school that I taught at was in the middle of nowhere and the occasions in which I was in the capital (which had a lovely outdoor 50 meter pool) often occurred during the winter months my visits to the lap lanes were few and far between.

My friend, Stephanie, who also lived in Namibia at the time, can attest to how much I missed the water. If I had fallen in love with the country and my job there I still don't think I could have stayed any longer because I couldn't swim. Some people have religion, yoga or meditation to cleanse and balance their souls -- I have swimming.

The pool above is taken by a photographer named Carlo Van de Roer in Sydney, Australia (another find on 20x200). It feels like the empty pool is inviting me in.

Van de Roer also took this amazing photograph of a blue lagoon (so he called it) in Reykjavik, Iceland. Please. take. me. there.

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