Monday, February 9, 2009

Otello - where the food is good and the people are kind

There aren't too many restaurants in DC that will let their customers come in their kitchensto take pictures of their cooks hard at work. But then again, restaurants like Otello are few and far between when it comes to great service, affordable and delicious food. If you like Italian, and in particular, a really great selection of fresh antipasti, such as calamari, eggplant and lentils, a truly spicy puttanesca and a veal scaloppini that will make your mouth water then Otello is your place.

My parents have been going to Otello for two years now and they've eaten there with such frequency that they're 'known' when they walk in. And what a treat it is to be 'known' at Otello! Raul (pictured up top) will welcome you into the restaurant with a big smile, a clasp of your hand and the warmest greeting you've encountered since you last visited...Italy or the American Deep South.

Next time you pass by Dupont Circle and wonder where to get a great meal on a small budget, Otello should be top of mind.

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