Monday, February 2, 2009

Dungeness crab anyone?

I absolutely adore crab meat. I have great memories of catching crabs with my Dad and sister during summer vacations at Seabrook Island along the South Carolina coast. We'd cast the crab cages filled with bait and proceed to wait, sweat, wait, sweat and wait some more. Sounds miserable, but it wasn't. It's one of those childhood activities that I wish I could reprise now as an adult.

One of my favorite restaurants in Annapolis, MD is a crab shack called Cantler's. If you like rolling up your sleeves, hammering away at the crab's shell and watching bits and pieces go flying every which way, Cantler's is your kind of place. I'm counting the days until the warm weather hits so that my fiance and I can make the trip north to a crab feast fit for a king.

Being an East Coaster means that I have not had the pleasure of running into the Dungeness crab all too often; however, my parents lived in Victoria, B.C. for four years, just a boat ride away from Port Angeles, WA, where the annual Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival is held each October. How could I have missed this ocean treasure?!

So why am I carrying on about Dungeness crab on a Monday morning in February? The lovely Chez Pim wrote a post last week about finally trying Dungeness crabs. She always has THE BEST photographs of her culinary adventures, along with some of the tastiest, simple recipes a girl could want. After you read her post and peer longingly at her picture of a crab feast with Thai seafood sauce, you too, will find yourself salivating. Enjoy!

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