Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow's Website

Gwyneth Paltrow has been my style icon since I was in high school. I scoured fashion magazines for any sign of her. There were the awesome, early days of Brad Pitt and their look-alike haircuts and, oh yes, their hot romance (seriously, who was more chic and sexy than the two of them in the '90s?). Following their break-up she did what (maybe) every girl needs to do - she sowed her oats. An assortment of flings later, she ends up with Chris Martin. Frankly, as much as I (sadly) know all of these personal details about her love life, what I've spent most of my (psychopathic) energies on has been her wardrobe. Classic, elegant, timeless and even edgy at times. She embodies the style I long for and of course, the million dollar paycheck to put it all together.

My sister might chime in here and say that you don't need a lot of money to look great. I agree. But you also have to know your personal shopping habits. I hate the sale rack. It's not that I hate sales, but I hate scouring for sales. I don't like the idea of things being 'picked over' and I especially don't like everything out-of-order, seeing nice shirts on the floor and competitive customers.

This being as it may, I end up missing a lot of good bargains and instead, find myself at home fantasizing about the day that I'll win the lottery and be able to buy Lanvin as much as I want.

Given that this is who I am and I'm not likely to change, I'm delighted to learn (a bit late, I admit) that Gwyneth launched her own website, Goop, last fall. She's listed her favorite restaurants in NY, London and LA and among other things, basic fashion pieces (see photo) that she can't live without. My obsession has officially continued.

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