Friday, February 13, 2009

I wish I was an artist

I do. I really wish I was an artist. I wouldn't necessarily have to be super talented but I'd hope that I could have an 'eye' for whatever my forte might be, whether that is painting, photography, sculpture or dance. I just don't 'create' anything in my life. There's nothing that I spend hours toiling at, take a step back and realize that I've left a mark, some stamp, even if it's the memory of a great performance.

I saw this painting by Elizabeth Schuppe this morning and while my first reaction was "Ohhhhh!! I love this so much" I couldn't help but find myself slipping into a state of self-pity. "Why don't I have a talent like Elizabeth does?" I see her work and think about the passion, energy and even the frustration that must be part of her creative process. Despite the challenges, the end product is hers'. I don't have that.

I think 2009 needs to be the year that I spend energy dabbling in something creative. At least try something regardless of whether I end up being 'good' at it or not.

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  1. You aren't giving yourself enough credit, you have lots of artistic talent,! If fashion isn't a form of art and personal expression, I don't know what is! Getting to wear something different, fun, and potentially innovative everyday that will impact everyone around you is a fantastic way to leave your mark. Just think, the fabric flower craze came to Wooster thanks to a little fashion forward blonde I know!