Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Old-fashioned fans for a summer wedding

June is always the start of the sweltering DC heat. Given that our wedding date lands smack dab in the middle of the sweating season, why not use a fan as the wedding program at the ceremony? Seems like a practical, but whimsical idea. What do you think?

I spotted the fans via Frolic and RiffeRaff. They both love the designer, Anna Melcon Bond. Bond also does lovely invitations as well. See below..


  1. i LOVE the fan idea! I went to a summer wedding in AZ once (not as humid as DC, but hot nonetheless) and it was a FANTASTIC idea, and a great keepsake.

    the invite is gorgeous too!

  2. Thanks Sam! I contacted the designer/calligrapher and what she quoted me was far out of my price range. I'm so bummed. I wish I knew another way to still do this....