Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two good guides to decorating your home

Late last year I purchased Renovating A House In The City, by Ingrid Abramovitch. Since we live in an 18th century rowhouse, it's been the perfect guide for ideas and resources on how to spruce up a 100-year old place.

Today I ran across another book I may snatch up soon called Simple Home. Think calm colors and simple spaces.

I know that I said over the weekend that I normally tend to prefer a neutral palette, but I'm opening up to incorporating pops of color, just not in large doses. I think I can mix the core of my style preferences with a splash of something louder here and there. It's just all about easing into this "new way", right?

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  1. I need renovating in the city, even though we live in more of a town. I think it would come in handy.