Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A woman to admire

In a country and age in which advertising and societal pressures have a powerful influence on an array of women's issues, including career success, work/life balance, motherhood and aging, I am relieved to read Michelle Obama's words of wisdom in this month's Prevention magazine.

"Throughout my life, I've learned to make choices that make me happy and make sense for me. Even my husband is happier when I'm happy," Mrs. Obama said in her first interview with the women's health monthly. "So I have freed myself to put me on the priority list and say, yes, I can make choices that make me happy, and it will ripple and benefit my kids, my husband and my physical health."

"That's hard for women to own. We're not taught to do that," she added. "It's a lesson that I want to teach my girls."

"To me, with age, everything has gotten better," the first lady said.

(Via Mrs. O)

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