Saturday, September 19, 2009


My friend, Erjona, has traveled home to Shokder, Albania for three weeks, and while I'll miss her very much while she's away, it's been three years since she's had a chance to return to her birthplace - it's more than time to go back.

I had the chance to visit Shkoder, the town that she grew up in, on her last trip back and along the way I discovered that Albania is one of those hidden European gems still untouched by tourists. The country has a gorgeous coastline, abundant seafood and a rich and fascinating history.

It can be tough to get around if you don't speak Albanian, but if you don't mind that kind of challenge when you travel, and you're up for a bit of adventure in Eastern Europe, this is a great place to go.
(Photos via Lonely Planet, Rapsak, hestragon)


  1. gorgeous pics! i've hardly seen enough of the mother land since Roni doesn't like to take photos, hahaha. and i miss her too, she promised me her brother would take some this time around!

  2. making albania tourism happening one blog post at a time!..:) By the sea, with you, eating fish, fried cornbread ...and a potential dip in the salty water?!...:)) What a GREAT shout out!!