Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Maine, how I love thee

I wish I had some photos to share with you but my husband's off on a work trip this whole week and needed the camera. I promise to share some of them very soon.

In short, it was absolutely wonderful.

One of my favorite trips of all time.

There's just something so special and cleansing about going somewhere so different in both geography and pace of life than where I live every day. I left a bustling, busy, often times, stressful city to a state covered in pine trees, devoid of many chains and brimming with fresh seafood and blueberries everywhere you turn.

I had a moment. Ok, several moments.

"Babe, I want to move here," I said to my husband.

He gave me a "I-agree-with-you-but-it-ain't-gonna-happen" look, and that's fine. I understand. I love DC, I do. But every now and then I long for something really remote like Wheeler Bay, Maine.

But as soon as I started to dwell on these thoughts, we headed to Portland, Maine for one night before departing for DC the next morning.

And that's when I found New England's version of Brickskeller - Novare Res Bier Garden.

Think about this -- a beer garden in the middle of the city, stocked with 25 drafts and 250 bottles from all over the world. Oh! And a fantastic meat and cheese menu.

Foaming at the mouth yet?

Just look at the deck from this picture. Definitely head straight there next time you're in the city. A few beers in on a crisp night and you might wonder when you'll be moving there too :)


  1. Divine! ...surely somethng to be said about getting away to a place like this. Your description just made me smile...BIG! I know want to see your Portland..:)

  2. Both Portlands are just spectacular.

  3. Thanks for linking to my picture! Glad you enjoyed the area. I have been to DC once and would really like to visit again someday and get away from the touristy parts to explore the neighborhoods.

  4. Thanks Corey. Love this picture. Really captures how cool Novare is.

    Let me know if you make it to DC again. I'd be happy to give you some great tips on where to go.

    Next time I'm in Portland, where should I eat and do?? Would love your recommendations.