Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to Maine

I promised a few pictures from our trip to Bar Harbor and Portland, ME and here are some of my favorites.

I love living in the city, but Maine's vast outdoors left an indelible impression on me. I wondered if I could live such a different life, away from the hustle and bustle of an urban environment. Could I picture myself on a Friday night just sitting outside, drinking a glass of wine and staring out at the water? Sounds really nice, right? Would I be ok with no spontaneous trips to new restaurants or bars? What would I do for work? Would my husband go crazy having to drive everywhere? Yes. Definitely yes.

So I doubt we'll see a move anytime soon, but it's great to have a spot to long for.


  1. erin,
    love reading your blog and as a portlander i am glad to see you had such a great time in maine. yipeee! we just spent the weekend with a ton of friends from out of state here in portland and on chebeague island. i'm pretty sure i ended every fourth sentence with..." should move to maine"...i'm hoping they will. you should too!

    just so you have accurate info when making your decision (see... i sell hard!) i have to tell you that we go to new restaurants and bars quite often, as well as some old favorites, too. imagine a friday night with a glass of wine looking out at the water from a new happens.

    my man and i share one car here. we live in the city. just bought an adorable single family earlier this year that wasn't outrageously priced. we both walk or bike to work each day and have great jobs that pay us what we were making at jobs in boston. there are tons of young people here!

    we do drive some, but only when we are headed on an adventure up the coast, or to the sometimes necessary trip to target, or skiing in the winter.

    for some of our maine adventures and ideas for your next trip north visit my blog at:

    ooh...also check out a video we made (and won $1000 for) in a contest to describe "your piece of maine" here:

    it sounds like if you don't make the big move you'll still come visit here a bunch and dream of maine when you are in the district!

    thanks for your great blog!


  2. Hey Jill -

    Thanks for the scoop on your life in Portland, ME. Sounds like you have a fantastic set-up, both personally and professionally. That's wonderful! I could definitely tell that from reading your blog as well.

    I think my husband and I would be really happy in a city like Portland. When we traveled to Maine a few weeks ago, however, I was really drawn to rural Maine. When I wrote about whether or not I could live "that kind of life," out in the "boonies" is really what I was referring to, rather than a more populated spot like Portland or even Bar Harbor.

    As my sister-in-law said to me this week, with time my mind could change and I could wake up at 40 and decide that I want a 'simpler life.' For now, I think the city it where our heart is...and our leisure pursuits rest in places like your beautiful state!

    Hope to stay in touch,

  3. so beautiful. maine is such a beautiful craggy place. thanks for sharing the photos! xo

  4. thanks for checking them out, Joanna. hope you're enjoying the bliss of married life!