Monday, January 12, 2009

Tangysweet Yogurt = Yummmmmmm

Back in my high school days when I swam 8,000 yards a day, 6 days a week, I often (go easy here with the impending judgement...) consumed two bowls of ice cream/night. To say that I love ice cream is, of course, an extreme understatement. To say that I can't live without it is definitely closer to the truth.

But over the years, my taste in this dairy product has begun to change. A trip to Italy introduced gelato to my palate. Moving to DC and (unfortunately) spending too much time and money at Whole Foods landed me a craving for Ciao Bella

However, nothing...and I mean absolutely nothing, beats my obsession with and love for Tangysweet yogurt. Back in June 2008, a former Hill staffer, Aaron Gordon, (thankfully) returned to DC after a few years honing a glamorous life in LA - and after witnessing the boom of Pinkberry yogurt - to open a frozen yogurt store off Dupont Circle called Tangysweet. If you haven't already been, you must live under a rock...or you don't like dairy (I'm sorry; I feel great sympathy for you).

I have walked to Tangysweet in 105 degree weather....from Columbia Heights. (Stupid - yes; Worth it - totally). I have convinced co-workers to drop what they're doing to have a bite of this yummy dessert. When my BF wants sushi I insist that we go to Sakana instead of Sushi Taro and Kotobuki just so that we can end the night with Tangysweet. 

So what's the appeal? Like all good things in life (wine, cheese, Brad Pitt...), it starts with a good product. Thereafter, the vibe and architecture of their stores, followed by the friendliness of their employees (they actually remember your name).

To make matters even better, they have opened a second store in Penn Quarter!! One of my co-workers and I snuck over today for a 'snack break' and it left me feeling light and refreshed for the remainder of the day.

If you haven't gone, don't wait any longer. Just look at the pictures for more reasons why!

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  1. MMMMMMMMM i love the "Classic" tangy sweet yogurt with mango and blackberries and raspberries!

    i agree. i truly is the BEST fro-yo i have ever encountered in my life. ever.