Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Near Perfect Pour at Commonwealth

It's not often that I find a really good pint of Guinness in this town. After a semester spent studying in Dublin, Ireland during college, I have high expectations for what a good Guinness entails.

There's absolutely nothing worse than ordering a Guinness and seeing the bartender or waiter hand it to you with no head and the contents of the Guinness still settling to the bottom of the glass. As Guinness Brewmaster Fergal Murray says, "Each pint is like a child. You have to mind it through the entire process." In my humble opinion, if you're going to serve Guinness on tap then make sure you learn what a good pour entails; otherwise, forget it. It's not worth serving if you're going to do a half-assed job.

Good news is that a new gastropub called Commonwealth moved in to Columbia Heights some months back and I've been enjoying a proper pint ever since. The taste of a beautiful, creamy head on top of a UK-sized pint of black THAT'S perfection.

For more info on what makes a really good pour, check out more of what Fergal Murray has to say:

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