Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good karma at Safeway?

I'm not a religious person.

This is why I found myself transfixed by the conversation I had at work yesterday. I was chatting with one of my colleagues about the economic recession and how it may or may not effect our company. I'm ranting and raving, carrying on and she just shakes her head and says: 

"Erin, I was watching this show the other day and this woman, mid-career level, comes onTV talking about how she's been out of work for an entire year. This lady was smart, talented, well-versed in her field and had made a good chunk of money for herself already. I kept thinking to myself, "Why can't she get a job???" And then, Erin, it dawned on me! She doesn't have Thanksgiving in her heart!"

She went on to explain that everyone should wake up each day and thank God for the ability to simply get out of bed. And if you're luckier, give thanks for your health and happiness. She assumed that this woman on TV never does that. (That's a little harsh if you ask me...but I see her overall point)

I thought to myself, "Do I have Thanksgiving in my heart?" If I don't, is my future in dire straits? Have I been thankless all this time? (Dramatic, I know) 

I left work mulling these thoughts over while I headed to Safeway to get some groceries. With a few limes, a bag of chips and some avocados in my hand, I found myself at the back of the "Express" checkout...and the back meant nearly to the other end of the store. Everyone living around the 17th Street Safeway clearly chose to buy groceries after work. Ugh. I was so annoyed. I only had a few things!!! I wanted to get home, make dinner and hang out with my BF.

And then......

I thought about "Thanksgiving" and decided that I was going to try to use a little positive karma to get me through this long, ridiculous wait at a grocery store I normally avoid at all costs. I stood there for 10 minutes reminding myself of how lucky I am to be able to buy this food, stand on two feet...all sorts of positive (still cheesy) thoughts.

Suddenly one of Safeway's employees walks over to me and turns to the woman in front of me as well and says "Doesn't look like you have much and you have nothing to weigh. Great! Come with me!" He scurries us over to the customer service checkout, scans our items and out we go! 

I think that little bit of good karma may have paid off after all :) Regardless of whether that good fortune had crossed my way or not, thinking positively and being thankful has actually improved my mood tremendously this week. I needed it.

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