Monday, February 1, 2010

Brittany, France

I downloaded Anthony Bourdain's new episode of Brittany, France off of iTunes yesterday and I am seriously swooning. Brittany is, as is said in the opening clip, a painter's dream. Just read this bit from Bourdain's blog on this jewel of a peninsula:
I'm not kidding about the color in Brittany. Everything is blue. It's a cinematographer's wet dream, a palette of dark blues, light blues and blue grays that forces everyone to unconsciously dress to match the surroundings...

Delicious, delicious things coming at us from every direction. Mountains of shellfish tower everywhere you look: oysters, lobsters, crabs, periwinkles, clams, shrimp and prawns...

The butter is so fresh and rich and so tasty you'd be happy to eat it with a spoon. There's rough, country bread, sausages wrapped in buckwheat crepes, hard cider and apple brandy.


  1. I stayed in Brittany for three weeks one summer. Its such a lovely place, thanks for bringing me back.

  2. You make me want to have some of that butter. By the spoonful!

  3. Jenna, you have?! How cool! Was this a family trip or with friends?