Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Patience is a virtue

I don't really have any hobbies that require patience.

Gardening, brewing beer, building a bike from scratch -- there are people in my life who excel and enjoy each of these activities. The commonality between something as different as planting tomatoes and mixing hops and yeast together is the long periods of preparation followed by bouts of waiting.

I appreciate the beauty in having to wait for something you want very much, but I must confess that I don't have to do a lot of that. And I feel a sense of guilt in admitting this.

Now, flower arrangement may not involve nearly the length of time in preparation that something like building a bicycle does, but there is a thoughtfulness to the process that I really love.

Too bad this class is located in Brooklyn and not DC. If anybody knows about any other options like this in the area, please let me know!

(via Saipua)

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