Sunday, February 21, 2010

Citrus smoothie

While visiting my friend Heather this weekend, she received a shipment of fresh Florida oranges as a birthday treat from her Mom. Great idea, huh?

I know that she and her husband love making fruit smoothies at home, and being the great athletes that they are, these liquid treats keep them fueled through their long runs and bike rides.

So it was with great luck that I just happened to stumble upon this citrus smoothie recipe when I got home today.

I used to have a hand-held blender and since my last move, I've misplaced it, so I think it's high time I actually branch out, and buy the real McCoy, because otherwise, I might end up asking Heather to blend this creation, freeze and ship it to me overnight in DC...and we all know that that's a tad ridiculous!

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