Friday, October 30, 2009

Time to decorate the tree

There's something really special about the first time you buy a Christmas tree with your partner. Tom and I have already planned to head out to a Christmas tree farm in Virginia with my parents and sister, Sara. But before that happens, we've got to get some ornaments and lights. What about these?


  1. too cute! i'm more of a traditional girl, so i love the 2nd one - i'm big into rich reds and golds this year, so let's see what i come up with. this is my first time living with the boy for christmas, but i think i'm more into the decorating than he is so we'll see what happens... enjoy getting the tree together! that sounds like a lot of fun :)
    (ps, sorry for the back-to-back comments - i just watched psycho and i'm a little freaked out so i thought catching up on all the recent blog posts would be a good way to calm down...)

  2. haha. hope this post calmed you down after that scary movie! definitely let me know how your decorating goes. would LOVE to hear all about it!