Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For the kids

My friend, Heather, recently gave birth to her first child, Lilly, so I'm itching to get out to Cleveland to meet the little beauty in person. On top of that, our neighbors just had their first as well, and we recently had the pleasure of enjoying their daughter's first dinner out a restaurant. She was a star -- quiet and as curious as can be.

As a result of these two fantastic new developments, I've had babies on the brain. As much as I like reading about design, I couldn't help but wonder about the choices inherent in decorating a baby's room. Do you go for the standard pink or blue depending on the sex of the child? Do you scrap that altogether and just keep the room as simple as possible? Does it even need to be decorated because, in the end, does the child really care?

Lots of questions.

I couldn't help but swoon for these two options, shown above. Obviously, the chalkboard one is more suited for an older child, but who's to say you couldn't offer that option from day one? I mean, what if your kid could be the next Rothko? Why not hand over the creative tools at an early age?!

And what about taking a sophisticated, modern twist on the room with an awesome lamp and chair that you'd want around regardless?

(Via emmas designblogg)

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