Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter reading

Thanks to a recommendation from some friends, I picked up Born to Run and consequently learned more about the human foot than I ever needed to know. Think your running injuries can be cured with pills, yoga or better footwear? -- think again (according to the author at least). It's the shoes that are to blame. An intriguing thought for sure, but I don't think folks are going to put down their Nikes just yet, especially if you live in an urban concrete jungle.

After consuming so much information about running and podiatry, it was high time for something completely different. Thanks to Kramerbooks -- D.C.'s best independent bookstore (IMO) -- I picked up one of their monthly favorites, Look Me In The Eyes: My Life With Asperger's, by John Robison, Augusten Burroughs' brother.

I tore through it.

It's the story of a man's struggle living with Asperger's and his efforts to understand how and why he was always considered "different" from everyone else.

It was both a dark comedy and one of the more painful, but poignant memoirs I've ever read. Go get it.

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