Friday, October 22, 2010

Opting out of YellowBook delivery

This week I finally threw several Yellow Books in the recycling bin. They'd been stacked in our bookshelf collecting dust for who knows how long becoming the worst eye sore on the first floor.

As soon as I heard that "thud" sound when they hit the bottom of the bin, I was surprised at my lack of satisfaction after getting rid of these directories. It's probably because I know that another set would arrive in the mail any day now -- just in time to piss me off again. But some things in life just suck, right? So I assumed that receiving pointless mail that no one needs anymore and that's bad for the environment is just one of them.


In comes, Clay Johnson, blogger at ---

"The Yellow Page Integrated Media Association is the trade association of yellow-page makers. They actually run a little known website called Launched in 2009, you just plug in your zip code and find the opt-out pages for your local phone book providers. I did it here in DC, and was able to opt out, online from both of the big yellow book providers in just minutes."


I checked out the site and low and behold its a simple opt-out form requiring your name, address and a few other details. Then I ran into a speed bump. D.C. wasn't listed as a state in the drop down menu. Huh? So I call 1-800-YBYELLOW, give the nice lady on the phone my information and BAM! I'm done. No more Yellow Books ever again!

Hurry, do it yourself regardless of whether you live in an apartment or a house. It saves you from clutter and the city some money.

PS: Thanks Clay!

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