Friday, October 1, 2010

Comet in Columbia Heights

The Comet at 18th & Columbia Rd NW used to have kick ass crabcake sandwiches. On a hot summer afternoon, I'd walk up from my apartment at 18th & Wyoming, stop off for a sandwich, chips and a lemonade, sit in the park and people watch. It was one of those early routines I developed when I first moved to the city and for whatever reason it made me feel a part of this place. Buying lunch at a local shop, sitting in my neighborhood park...those things made me feel a sense of community.

Years have passed since that first summer in D.C., but I still don't live very far from the Comet, although it was sadly replaced with a shoe store. I'm still on the lookout for that next great local sandwich shop.

(via Kinorama)

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