Friday, October 22, 2010

Celine Spring 2010

Rarely do I make a point of posting about fashion I don't like. What's the point? There's so much else out there that is gorgeous, unique and never-been-done-before that should be talked about. No need to dwell on the negative.

Today is an exception.

Because I'm an avid follower of all that designer Phoebe Philo touches, I must mention my disappointment with her Spring 2010 collection for Celine. The show, overall, received good reviews (see here, here and here). Known for her minimalist look, which I adore, was maintained this season but this time around Philo left us with tops, trousers and dresses that hid a woman's figure, or in many cases, shaped it into 90 degree angles. Lacking curves to begin with, many of the models looked even more like very lean rectangles gliding across the runway.

Now, I prefer paired down and simple but I don't like looking like a box. No thanks. I had those years as a year-round swimmer, complete with the huge shoulders. Structure is good but turning a woman's shape into a geometric shape is not.


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