Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sonia Rykiel fall 2010

You so rarely see models smiling on the runway. The women who sported Sonia Rykiel's 2010 Fall Collection looked like they were out on the town with their best girl friends.

The pom-pom on the tops of their heads seems silly at first but because of their showmanship, I began to find the hair accessory rather whimsical and endearing towards the end of the show.

And speaking of the conclusion of her collection -- I absolutely adored the ostrich-feather tanks and dresses! I'd love to wear something like that on a fun, momentous occasion such as my 30th birthday. And yes, it will most definitely have to be pink :)


  1. I love the feathers....but come on, if you aren't a model, who's freaking tiny, this may be a much- I would look huge. lol.

  2. To me, it's all about confidence, not size.