Friday, November 20, 2009

Staring at desserts

It's the end of the week...actually no, I have to work all day and night tomorrow, so while I'd like to think today was whisking me into a lovely weekend, it's not.

So I'll resort to staring at desserts.

It makes no sense, but that's my train of thought at the moment.

(Via eggbeater)


  1. i wonder if staring at desserts for you has the same effect as actually eating the desserts does to me... the flush of happiness, the feeling of pure bliss where all other worries (like that project due next week, or the work you have to do all weekend) disappear? unfortunately, with my way the good feeling is quickly followed by an "ohhhh i ate too much sugar" feeling. which is not nice. hope you have a good weekend, in spite of the work!
    xo meg

  2. makes sense to me.
    I always like it when my husband orders, but I never order it myself. I get to look at it, which makes me happy, and I get to have a bite which does too. all of the perks, none of the guilt.

  3. thank ladies :)

    if Shuna Fish-Lydon, the pastry chef who made those lovely creations, could send me one of her amazing desserts in the mail, i would be one satisfied lady!