Thursday, August 27, 2009

To be more like Kate Moss

Have you seen her latest photo spread for her fall line at TopShop? It's vintage Kate Moss (no pun intended). If you ask me, the woman keeps getting better and better with age.

I had to take a peek at her new goods, with a particular eye for her jackets. I actually spotted a picture of her today in a magazine wearing Hunter rainboots, baggy jeans and the coolest, ripped-up jacket. She was clearly stomping around in the mud at some sort of outdoor music festival, looking as cool and chic as ever.

The woman is a style goddess.

So what girl in her right mind wouldn't spend a little down time perusing her new fall/winter looks? :)

I can't get enough of this black "Wetlook Jersey Jacket," nor TopShop's "Sequin Biker Jacket".

If I could have these two, I'd be set for fall.

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