Sunday, August 30, 2009

H Street's best deli

It was a random call.

"Let's go to H Street," I said as my husband veered the car east.

Hungry, but bored with our usual lunchtime spots, we headed over to the H Street Corridor to see what might strike our fancy.

For some Washingtonians, H Street has been the new "It Place" for some time now. Although the riots destroyed the area and left it dirty, crime-filled and lacking any meaningful investment, a few adventurous souls have taken up shop (literally) in this neck of NE DC.

We've waited this long to venture over there because of a simple issue - there's no Metro in the area. Who wants to go to a bar in the city and face either driving home or never, ever finding a cab? Not us.

So there we were on a beautiful weekend day, up for a good surprise.

We found it.

"Babe, doesn't that look like a New York-sort of place?" I asked my husband after spotting a roll-up garage door along the main strip and some hip-looking young people munching on something inside.

If a profile in Dwell - the modern architecture and design magazine - speaks to the beauty of this place, then you can imagine that we were in good hands.

Taylor's Gourmet is a Philadelphia-style deli and gourmet Italian market. Founded by two young guys who've known each other since their middle school days, Taylor's makes a mean hoagie and chicken cutlet sandwich. Top it off with a bag of crisps and an assortment of Boylan's soda choices (my favorite is root beer) and you have one hell of a lunch.

I suspect we'll be going back as often as our Zipcar allowance lets us :)

(Images from Dwell's article and slideshow)

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