Friday, November 4, 2011

Afternoon treats in NYC

It's rare that I get a few hours to myself on a work trip, which is why this week's jaunt to NYC was extra special. With a bit of precious time to steal away, I had the chance to walk around Midtown, taking in the city and everything I love about it -- the pace, the variety of people, buildings, sights and smells, and -- ta-da!! -- all of the glorious food options.

My buddy, Amelia, and I stole away together for a brief stopover at Bouchon Bakery, where I scarfed down a pistachio macaroon and an iced tea, despite the fact that it was a blustery, beginning-of-winter sort of day. The treats were delicious, but the best part really was enjoying a spontaneous meet-up with such a lovely person.

Thanks to Amelia -- whom I really believe knows every restaurant worth going to in NYC (mark my words!) -- I enjoyed a late lunch with another pal of mine at Momofuku's Ma Peche, an Asian fusion restaurant that has a banh mi sandwich and some sort of pork noodle dish that are To.Die.For. I wish I could make the latter at home. I'd never make another pasta dish again if I could master this guy...

(Photos via Ma Peche and Tiny Urban Kitchen)

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