Saturday, October 8, 2011

Clothes & things for fall

Ok, so I've been bad.

I've shopped a little here, a little there, a little everywhere. For some reason, this fall in particular has produced so many goodies. J. Crew has really been my downfall. If only Jenna Lyons just wasn't so damn good I would have been more frugal!

But since I've gone out and found a few fun items, I thought I'd share some of them, as well as ones I've spotted, but have managed to hold off from adding to the pile, so to speak.

Here we go.....

Love this Emersonmade olive wool day coat. Not sure how I feel about the collar so I'm deliberating on it. Thoughts?

I wore this J.Crew schoolboy blazer to work for the first time the other day, and one of my colleagues was wearing it as well. She looked totally rad in it! I wanted to copy exactly how she'd paired it with cropped pants and cool jewelry.

DC's antique furniture store, GoodWood, has begun selling perfumes, candles and a limited selection of clothing and jewelry -- all at really reasonable prices. My husband and I like to light a candle over a nice weekend dinner, so we picked up a new one there not to long ago. (PS: They also had a $15 beautiful jeweled clutch there that day!)

I have no idea how I came across this lovely home and jewelry online store, Deep Dark Africa, by South African artist Alexia Kondylis, but she's a true treasure. I love her bangles and you can't beat her prices.

Earlier this year I had the chance to get acquainted with Abigail Rutherford, a dear friend of my pal Stephanie, who specializes in historic costume jewelry. She has an amazing array of styles -- mixing beads, metals, classic and edgy looks. I have no doubt she'll be a big star one day so check her out now before she's all over the pages of Vogue.

While perusing Bloomingdale's shoe department for a work appropriate pair a few weeks back, I spotted these incredibly simple slip on's from Charles Philip Shanghai (they're also pictured above). I'd never heard of him, but they instantly reminded me of the sort of shoes my Mom loves and always says she can only find in Italy. They conjure up for me an image of a stylish and sophisticated woman in her 50s or 60s, strolling through Milan in cropped black pants, a crisp white button-down, adorned in just one striking piece of jewelry or even, a scarf.

And for the mind? I can't say enough good things about Keith Richards' autobiography, Life. I gave it to my Mom and she told me "it was like reliving my youth" :). I obviously missed the 70s entirely, but it was still a total trip to read.

After 500 pages of rock 'n roll, drugs and fame, I put that one down to start Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals, as if that's not enough of a 180 degree turn! I've certainly lost all interest in poultry as a result, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I just can't say no to prosciutto, shepherd's pie and rack of lamb.

For a little return to the past, Feist's oldies, but goodies and A Tribe Called Quest have been on repeat. I'm sadly completely and totally out of tune with what's new and cool music-wise, so if you have any recommendations -- especially for new jazz or blues artists -- I'm all ears!

Happy fall to everyone. Hope it's a beautiful one.

(Photo via Charles Philip Shanghai)

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