Monday, July 26, 2010

Trout for two

As I've documented here before, the past year I've been obsessed with cooking, grilling and baking all foods 'whole.' Whole pig, whole chicken, whole name it, I've been game for the experiment. The larger the animal (or fish), the better off it is to be simple when it comes to type and number of ingredients; otherwise, I feel overwhelmed.

I was originally going to grill two trout fillets tonight for dinner but the fishmonger at my local store suggested I buy the whole filleted trout, which was cheaper, $3.50 to be exact. In this photo the trout may look fairly small. It seemed that way when I bought it. In fact, I was a bit nervous that I had not bought enough for my husband and me. Wrong. One small trout was plenty. Add some green beans sauteed in lemon and garlic and a few grilled peaches on the side, and voila!, we had a lovely, inexpensive meal.

Best part about it might have been that it was all unplanned. Well, I should add that the other surprising and delectable part was the new beer I discovered and we both enjoyed -- Snapperhead, a really light, but flavorful IPA.

Now it's on to some sorbet for dessert.....

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