Saturday, December 19, 2009

When the weather outside is frightful

I have sadly neglected this blog for a good two weeks.

I have nothing to blame except for work and pure exhaustion.

It's been a month of weekends at work and long hours during the week.

And I have to admit -- I've not had a hint of interest in turning back to the computer once I get home.

So, in other words, this work-obsessed schedule meant that I had not seen my dearest friends for nearly a month. God, that's terrible, isn't it?! They too, are very busy people, and have so much going on in their lives -- work, relationships, you name it. They, too, were longing for a night of quality time together.

With those four weeks behind us, it was with great anticipation that the three of us trudged through the evening snow storm to meet one another for a long overdue evening at a local wine bar.

Many hours later the clock had struck 1am, several inches had fallen and it was time to part ways.

We giggled like schooI girls as we trounced through the snow-covered streets of Columbia Heights. We kissed goodbye and said, "I love you!!"

It might have been one of the best evenings I've had all year. There was something about Christmas being right around the corner, recognizing how special it was to be together and being so grateful for one another that left me feeling as lucky as any girl out there.

Thanks ladies.

And Merry Christmas to all!

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